equine tail bags
Waterproof | Durable | Lightweight | Washable

Tail Bags


NAGBag equine tail bags are lightweight and waterproof; protecting your horse’s tail from the elements such as mud, dirt, urine and poo. They help eliminate breakage when swatting nasty flies, keep conditioning product in and promote hair growth all year long. NAGBag’s come in a variety of fun colors and patterns are durable and machine washable. I hope you try one out and if you like it, tell your friends.

As a working mom and horse owner, I tinkered around with tail bag designs until I created the perfect tail bag. After a considerable amount of stockpiling, my husband said I couldn't buy anymore material until I sold one. So, I came up with the name and with the help of my very best friend Gretta at Left Hand Graphics, came up with Pepper (mascot) and the NAGBag logo...and here we are.

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